Bitch, please.

There is a phenomenon nowadays that I find absolutely hilarious. It's how the meanings of certain words have shifted - they are now wider, so some words that were sometimes considered taboo or mean are now perfectly okay to use in certain contexts.

Take for example, The Flintstones. In the closing credits, they sing about having a gay old time. Now isn't this funny? Nowadays, no one in their right mind would use the word gay as a synonym for fun. And now when you think of other places this word has appeared, it's just awkward. The Gay Divorcee, for example.

Also, what about the word bitch? Not so long ago, this word was considered a full-on derogatory word, just like the f*word is today. But now, girls like to refer to themselves as bitches, they even call each other bitches out of affection. Being a bitch is a sign of empowerment, an indicator that a woman is self-sufficient and is not taking crap from anybody. Famous bitches include various celebrities and characters from TV shows, movies and books - Lily Allen, Samantha Jones, Regina George are all certified bitches and are proud of that.

Again, I find this mildly interesting and I don't have a strong opinion on the subject. So, you tell me - how does the way we perceive things change? Do you like being called a bitch, or do you even refer to yourself as one? Is this good or bad?


It is interesting how it changes I guess it's just the difference in time period and generation. This reminds me of a show called "Girlfriends" by Kelsey Grammer where they have a jar that they have to put money in for everytime they say the word bitch lol Largely used to refer to their friends in that programme!


i really do agree with this...and no i dont refer to myself as a bitch nor do i refer my close friends as one either...i dunno i guess the meaning really did just take a BIG turn


ya the chicks i know would take a dim view of the world if they thought you called em bitch let alone bag eyed hag. so i keep it to myself.


Thanks for reading everyone! Yeah, it seems like most of you would NOT call any of your friends bitches, but it is a widespread word! And for example, you can say it on TV, unlike the f*word, though in reality it seems like there's not a huge difference!


Nice read. Best blog post title I've seen in a long time!


Thanks Matt!

Lately, I've found that blog posts are the hardest to come up with! :)


I am a non native English speaker, so it's hard to full understand the idiosyncrasies of the language.

I never quite understood why people (specially gay people) like to be called bitch. I strictly use the word as an insult.

Nice blog!


I don't refer to myself as bitch or use it except when someone really is! I've heard women call each other "whore" in joking ways and I don't understand that either.

When I first read, Alice in Wonderland, I really liked the word queer. I just knew it as weird as a kid and I still use that word as weird to this day. I know that is probably confusing to people, but I would also probably use gay to mean fun as well. I love old fashioned words!


@Fabulastic - Thanks for reading! And yeah, I've noticed that too!

@Jessica - They should make a useonlyarchaicwords day! :D