Go Miss Bimbo!

Recently, I stumbled upon a horrible blog post by a woman named Rose DesRochers. The title of the post was 'Ban Miss Bimbo virtual fashion game'. This lady basically wrote about how bad it is for little girls to play this game, since your main objectives are to get a boyfriend, go shopping, go clubbing, get a plastic surgery, etc... Mrs. DesRochers is also a mom, which she flaunts in her posts constantly.

First of all, if you don't wanna play a game, don't. Easy as that. Similarly, if you don't want your daughter to play Miss Bimbo, don't let her play it. But please, don't go as far as to advocating that a game should be banned just because of the way you perceive it. I hate it when people think that their feelings and views should be adopted by everyone else. Oh, and you're a mom? Kudos.

Now, of course I am not writing this because I'm a Miss Bimbo fanatic. I simply believe in the right to make a choice, and see the mindsets of people like Rose DesRochers as the greatest obstacles on the path to tolerance and diversity. Look at MPAA, for example, or PDE in schools, or editing movies in order to show them on TV. Or gay marriage, for God's sake!
My opinion is - mind your own business!


I agree with this too! Some people are ridiculous along with the way they perceive things!


In my opinion, people just need to learn that if they don't like something, it doesn't mean it should be banned, because other people have the right to like it.


OMG... I don't see why me being a virtual bimbo bothers her... I bet her daughter will grow up to be a real life bimbo. I would LOVE to see that. Stupid woman. :)

...nice enough? :)


Haha, **jovanna** your comment made my day! :D


right on!! people need to MYOB a bit.


Exactly my point, Maggie! Thanks for reading!


Joavanna, first of all thank you for judging me. Each of you have done the same thing that you accuse me of being guilty for and worse yet you have insulted my daughter. ( By the way my daughter is 19 and far from a bimbo).

While each of you have a right to your opinion I too am free to voice my opinion about the site Miss Bimbo. The sad thing is that none of you appear to be capable of debate without name calling.

Sad.. On a side note....Nikola I came here to thank you for commenting on my post sex sells where you agree with my opinion. I must say I'm shocked to now see myself as the subject of one of your blog posts.

I mus update my blog just for you.


Dear Rose,
Thanks for reading! I did not mean to insult you in any way (and as you can see for yourself, I didn't call you names). The fact that we disagree over Miss Bimbo does not mean that we must disagree on every single subject, and that's why I liked your Sex Sells post...
As a blogger, you put your thoughts out there in the world. You are therefore making your thoughts eligible to be rebutted by people. Feel free to post about something I wrote if you wish, but I honestly think, you have no right to be mad with me.
Take care,


I'm not mad at you I just find it ironic that you have judged me. You have also made it personal by stating "Mrs. DesRochers is also a mom, which she flaunts in her posts constantly." Flaunting? That's funny. lol

"Oh, and you're a mom? Kudos." You already acknowledged that. Remember you said I was flaunting.

Geez keep up here. ;-)

While you may not have called any names, you did find humor in someone who made your day by calling me stupid for having an opinion differing from theirs and stating that my daughter who does not even have anything to do with this will grow up to be a bimbo. lol

Sadly that doesn't say much for you. :(

Funny you didn't blog about my support of gay marriage or my sex sell post just the one thing I appose.

Ps: I change my title to Boycott Miss Bimbo.


I mentioned the fact that you're a mom because I wanted to show that people should not advocate banning things just because they have kids who might use them.

And yes, I think that my reader **jovanna** was very witty referring to herself as a virtual bimbo. Don't you?

Finally, why is it so bad that I rebutted your opinion? They are simply opinions. As I said, you posted yours, I rebutted it. Big deal.


FYI: I did not advocate that a website should be shut down because I have children that might use it. You assumed that yourself, therefore creating a bias post. Your reader did not refer to "herself" as a bimbo. She stated that my daughter would likely grow up to a be a bimbo. Nothing intelligent nor witty there.

I have no problem with you rebutting my opinion. It would have been better if you had of not mentioned the fact that I was a mother and blogged about the real reason I feel the site should be closed down.


I did blog about why you think the site should be closed down. And isn't you being a mom one of them?

Also: "OMG... I don't see why me being a virtual bimbo bothers her..."


No- My being a mother has nothing to do with it. You assumed. You know what they say about assuming. ;-) and you failed to mention why I thought it should be closed. :)


How can you say that your being a mom has nothing to do with it, when you wouldn't even worry about sites like these if you didn't have a daughter?

Why don't we call a truce? I am truly sorry if your feelings were hurt, I never meant to question you as a person, just your views on Miss Bimbo. This is all just a big misunderstanding. I am looking forward to reading your blog in the future.



Nikola obviously you have not viewed by blog or you would see that my daughter is an adult. She's a grown woman with her own opinion who would choose to use or not choose to use a site despite my opinion.

My being a mother has nothing to do with my view on this site. I'm not gay or bi-sexual yet I support gay marriage.

You are using my being a mom to stereotype this. When in fact it has to do with my being a "woman."


Nikola, truce but I just had to rebuttle your post. ;-)


Truce then! We agree to disagree! :)


Jamel too bad you didn't read my post before commenting.


I wouldn't let my daughter play it, but I would love to play it myself. It sounds like good times.