The Fear of the Unknown

The heather-stepper, the horned stag,
The antlered hart hard driven by hounds,
Invading that forest in flight from afar
Will turn at bay and die on the brink
Ere ever he'll plunge in that haunted pool.

It is universally known that the greatest fear known is the fear of the unknown. As portrayed in the extract from Beowulf I typed above, a deer would rather die by hands of hunters than plunge in the lake where, rumor has it, lives a monster. Even though the monster is portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the movie, but that's another story.

It is ridiculous when you think of the things people do just because they are afraid. They pass up on great opportunities in life, good life lessons, a better income, a marriage, etc. And usually, there is nothing to be afraid of. The things we do, or rather not do are all dependent on our own insecurities and our stupidity. This is why opening one's mind is essential to opening one's life in terms of happiness and fulfillment. If you feel like you are stuck in a daily routine, unable to get out of it, do something immediately!

The best thing to do is travel, of course. It is also the most expensive things on my list of suggestions. However, nothing opens one's eyes as a trip to another culture. Still, if this is out of your reach, there are billion things you could do. Read a book that you would normally not read and find yourself surprisingly identifying with the characters. Even better, join a book club! Watch a film that you would normally never pick out at a rental store. Try a new sport. Meet new people. Do whatever you can to step out of your comfort zone and just... Breathe.


Interesting blog! What you're talkin' about in your blog is so very true! I am glad that you found my blog so I could find yours it's inspirational =) Oh and I'm following you and I've added you to my blogrolls I think, contact me back if I have done this correctly cause I'm still an amateur lol :)


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you have a nice blog as well, I think I'll take your advice with the travel this summer :) thanks for your kind comment, I'll be your follower as well :) take care!


You are so's a comfort zone thing! I absolutely agree with the travel suggestion, BTW. It is eye opening to see the USA is not the whole world. Also, I like your writing style and your layout here.


Good blog and thanks for your comment! I couldn't agree more with you on the subject of travel. A good trip can transform your perspective on many issues. Just added you to my blogroll.


Nicely said, i need to travel again soon Nik. ps: thanks for the comment and follow.


Boy was this post spot on! Sadly most of us get stuck in ruts that become our own wardens. Once again great blog, and great wisdom!


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