Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

I was watching a Britney Spears documentary on E! today, and was surprised by how I was unable to look away from the screen. Of course, everyone knows everything about Britney - all the way from Baby One More Time to her latest doings. So why was I so transfixed by the program?

I think the answer lies in the phenomenon of child stars, and what a curse it is to be one. And Britney is a perfect example - she was America's sweetheart at the age of 16, however, as she grew older, she evolved into a laughing stock, filling the pages with paparazzi photos of herself drunk, bald, and temporarily married. Finally, she even lost the custody on her children. And it's not just Britney - you also have Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Michael Jackson and many more talented people who just failed to cope with it all at one point.

So, what is it with these people? Is being in the spotlight as a minor really too much to handle? Judging by most people, it is. As soon as the person starts growing up and changing, the public becomes hostile - no one wanted the partying Lindsay, everyone was more fond of the 'Parent Trap/Freaky Friday' version. And no one was delighted when Britney tried to copy Madonna, and then failed miserably.

There are three ways to handle this transition, it seems. The biggest group, which we already discussed, goes crazy and although there is hope that they will eventually come out for air, they have changed so much under the media scrutiny, the public just loses interest for them. Then, there are those who completely disappear, such as Macaulay Calkin and Haley Joel Osment - both good, popular actors who are nowhere to be seen. And finally, there's the most interesting group - those who have disappeared for a while, but are slowly coming back. Anna Paquin, the second youngest Oscar winner in history, is a good example. After winning the award for her role in The Piano, she only appeared in smaller movies for a while, finally making her return as Rogue in the X-Men movies and is currently playing the lead character in HBO's True Blood.

Finally, I wonder what will happen to today's child stars in a couple of years. Dakota Fanning is already like a grown-up in my eyes - a fantastic actress who even shot a rape scene at the age of 12. Also, what about Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and that lot? How do you think their careers will evolve, if indeed they do? Finally, do you have any favorites I failed to mention?


I always love pondering this, the whole celebrity thing. I think Dakota Fanning is wonderful, to me it seems like there was a while where she disappeared and grew some, of course not all though. She's gorgeous too! Then there is the 'Disney Stars' the only normal one that evolved gracefully in my opinion is Hilary Duff not to say I don't love Lindsay or any of them. I think Miley will head the party direction (so excited for that!) and the Jonas Brothers - who knows they actually do have some talent and great style. They'll split maybe? Selena and Demi are adorable but who knows I can't see them as anything other than Disney.

All in all it isn't entirely they're fault most people go through the party stage but celebrities have access to much better and bigger parties. Full of all fun surprises. Plus we judge at every chance we get. Demi is after all called, 'The Fat Girl of Disney' ummm why?

AHH too much to say.



Well, remember Brooke Shields growing up? She's still busy acting. Some of my new favorites include Abigail Breslin, of 'Signs' & 'Little Miss Sunshine', and Kristen Stewart, of 'Into The Wild' and 'Twilight', though I wouldn't call her a great actress, there is something interesting to observe in her mannerisms. Speaking of, the girl in the T-Mobile commercial that tells her single dad that he is considered 'super delicious' by a friends' grandma, is priceless. I wish them all huge success. It's a tough industry.


Dakota Fanning's such a sweetheart. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I'd hate to see her turn out like Lindsay Lohan. Other child stars that I loved growing up were the Olsen twins. They're very successful now but I think one of them is anorexic and fighting all sorts of addictions. Hmmm....


Thanks for reading you guys!

@ Christian: I am anxious to see what Dakota might do with her career in the future. Miley, not so much. :)

@Lorna: Kristen was such a nice surprise. I remember watching her in Panic Room, and then many years later in Twilight. Awesome.

@Chinky: It's insane how the Olsen twins did a U-turn. It's time for at least one of them to film a decent movie.


with britney specifically i think it wasn't that she was americas sweetheart but that she was americas sex symbol there is no way for someone her age to have evolved past that magic, she grew grotesque from that stump, inevitably sick, it will be interesting to see how she weathers the next few years, past her talents
and her youthful visage into the long dread dark of next life.


Hi Nikola,

Thanks for the very sound comment you left on my post and taking an interest to follow my blog. I'm honoured! Count me in thanks. :)


Yeah I think that they being so young aren't emotionally equipped to be in the spotlight. Due to their circumstances, they aren't able to live a normal life where they can go to the store to pick up something and return without having a huge amount of people harassing them for their autographs etc. Great blog! =)


@handhead - Yup, that's a great point of view!

@jamal - That is so true, thanks for reading!


I am hoping that we "the public" have learned from past childhood actor's lives. Sadly, some of the REALLY good ones such as Peter Billingsley, Fred Savage, Emmanuel Lewis, and the like were dropped like hot potatoes when they were "not so cute" anymore. Sadly, as a whole the public wants eye candy whether talented or not. It seems to be a huge cookie cutter thing going on in Hollywood. Thank goodness some of the young breakthrough actors actually broke through! I hope Dakota will do fine and as long as she stays away from the Disney machine I think she will.


Britney did not fail at being Madonna! She's just herself and she's amazing at it. And you realize you have to put her on the 'came back' list, not the 'went crazy' list like Lindsay Lohan. Brit can do no wrong. Know watch that documentary again. lol.

As for others, I think Dakota Fanning is great and won't get too crazy. I hope so anyway.

Oh and Miley will eventually be president. Duh.


@waiting4love - TRUE!

@hoteltuesday - I don't understand why everyone says that Britney is back. She still isn't back to her In The Zone looks, and she used to dance - now, not so much. Though I think Shattered Glass is a great song! :)